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There are many jQuery plugins and applications that can be used in improving websites, regardless of the niche and topics being covered. So many that it can be overwhelming and confusing to choose as to which jQuery plugins should be used for your advantage. Despite that you wanted to spend much time in finding out what works best for you or your site, the luxury of time is usually not available, which makes website improvement pursuits set aside or taken for granted on most occasions.

However, there are those that stand out, those best jquery plugins that instantly gives impact and revolutionary changes for your online pages. So whether you are looking for something that’s functional, user-friendly, or easy to use, these 30 jQuery plugins for amazing website design would prove to be more than useful to you. In fact, it can save you time and effort while making the most of what’s being offered for animations, quality graphics, and impressive site presentations without the complexity of using too many codes or demand for advanced technical knowledge.

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1. jQuery Nested1. jQuery Nested

jQuery Nested claims to be different than the rest because it is the only one out there that offers a complete gap-free layout. Whether you see sites on PC, tiltable tablets or smartphones, the grid just moves and makes sure that there are no gaps or idle spaces in between.

2. jResponsive2. jResponsive

When you need to add jQuery driven layouts that can be changed, edited, and resized the way you want, jResponsive is the solution for creating smooth transitions and effects without the complicate coding.

3. FlexNav3. FlexNav

FlexNav offers a different kind of experience for fluid, fast, smooth, and seamless transition effects to dropdown menus, which is optimized for devices that are usually touch-navigated.

4. scrollNav.js4. scrollNav

For a cute-looking side-screen scroll navigator that changes font face depending on the sections of your webpage, aside from the fact that this plugin jquery follows you when scrolling deep down, scrollNav.js does things wonderfully.

5. ClassySocial5. ClassySocial

ClassySocial combines the classy touch of jQuery effects and the connectivity of various social networking sites, all in one cool impressive package.

6. jQuery Github6. jQuery Github

You can have your favorite Github Repositories displayed on your page nice and slick with unique jQuery plugins.

7. Flaunt.js7. Flaunt

This jQuery tool can address the demand for fast-loading and smooth scrolling nested navs.

8. Sidr8.Sidr – Creating Facebook-Like Side Menus

If you want to have the same effects found in the new Facebook user interface where pressing a button creates a sliding motion that reveals options and links, the Sidr does just that, far better and smoother.

9. Magnific Popup9.Magnific Popup – Truly Responsive Lightbox

Those who want to have a jQuery-driven photo lightbox can use Magnific Popup, which lessens the burden of your users in waiting for long loading times, while maximizing functionality.

10. slideToucherslideToucher – Touch Enabled jQuery Plugin for Content Swiping

slideToucher can help you move through the pages left and right, up and down by merely touching the screen and not using the scrolling bars found on the edges of the screen.

11. FlexiselFlexisel – Responsive Carousel Plugin

Easily defined for providing a flexible carousel, Flexisel provides users an experience of going through different items with seamless effects and faster image loading.

12. SwipeboxSwipebox – A Touchable jQuery Lightbox

Basically, Swipebox is a jQuery-powered lightbox that can be flexible as a keyboard-navigated item in a desktop and swipe-driven lightbox in mobile devices.

13. Photoset Grid13. Photoset Grid

Setting images in a grid becomes easy with jQuery plugins because all you need to set are the pictures, the grid properties, and everything else will take care of itself, regardless of image size.

14. LiquidSliderLiquidSlider – A Responsive jQuery Content Slider

Thanks to CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery elements added with LiquidSlider, you can now enjoy clicking through tabs while seeing the responsive layout designs , whether you click one tab after another, or if you skip.

15. – Flexible Dropdowns Based on dot.js Templates

You can now have a unique-looking dropdown menu, which can also be placed with numbers, all for only 2.4kb, which is very lightweight.

16. UnsliderUnslider – A 'Super-Tiny' jQuery Slider

Though it presents a full-page slider that can be navigated by touch, mouse, or keyboard, Unslider is one of those “small but terrible” jQuery pluginswhen it comes to size against performance all for 3kb.

17. typeahead.jstypeahead.js – A Fully-Featured Autocomplete Library

This jQuery plugin has been designed based on Twitter’s autocomplete search tool, which you can work with your own sets of data.

18. iCheckiCheck – Customize Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

iCheck helps you create and customize your own set of checkboxes and radio buttons, while assuring clean transitions thanks to jQuery plugins.

19. Image PickerImage Picker

Image Picker utilizes animation selection with the help of images that can be set in grid, which works whether you click items from the dropdown menu or directly clicking the image.

20. Chardin.jsChardin.js – Simple Overlay Instructions for Apps

Creating overlay instructions for your site can never be more amazing with this tool where the animation complements well with the texts and the lines.

21. Textillate.jsTextillate.js – A Plugin for CSS3 Text Animations

You can now experiment with text animation with jQuery pluginsthat lets you see the results of various effects applied to text, which works together with jQuery, animate.css, and lettering.js.

22. jtwt.jsjtwt.js – A Plugin to Display Your Recent Tweets

jQuery-powered recent tweet updates anyone? jtwt.js is the tool you can use for this alternative way of presenting such updates in your site.

23. imageloader.jsimageloader

Instead of just seeing images pop up after it has been loaded, imageloader.js provides a smooth fade-in effect that makes image appearance more subtle.

24. jQuery Alpha Image PluginjQuery Alpha Image Plugin

Setting images to transparent or semi-transparent is actually difficult, but jQuery Alpha Image Plugin addresses that problem very easy with codes.

25. bPopupbPopup – A jQuery Modal Pop-Up Plugin

For those who wanted to edit and add properties to their popups, bPopup has been created for just that very purpose.

26. SieveSieve – Add an Interactive Search Filter to Any Content

If you have a site that stores database of different things and you want to be searchable within your site, using Sieve jQuery plugins should provide an appeal as the bar is populated depending on what is sought.

27. Perfect-ScrollbarPerfect-Scrollbar – A jQuery Scrollbar Plugin

Perfect-Scrollbar presents clean, sharp, and auto-fading scrollbars on images, which can also be resized.

28. Pronto

Pronto is one of those special jQuery plugins that is different from the rest of what’s available in this list. Instead of just being a plugin for certain site parameters, it speeds up site page load through HTML5 pushState().

29. scrollUpscrollUp

When you want “scroll to top” links to become more fashionable and presentable, then this should work for you.

30. jQuery.PinjQuery Pin – Pin Any Element Within a Container is a creative way of pinning topmost elements that does not go away when scrolling down.

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